To understand the AIDS attack, (almost nobody wants to bother), you have to follow the duplicitous science of mal-depiction coming out of CMU, )who targeted me as a child of the public school system associated with the rival college), where PQ’s (Pinkerton Queers) at Geffen Corporation have racketeered their alliance and cover operation for Gail Burstyn by posing as victim avengers, a looting of our entire history.  Because the truth and evidence are inadmissible it is besides the point to answer their lies, for example, did I do it for myself or others is just a stalling foil against public warning, instead of showing that I was concerned to get help for the at risk, notice that they were not, just answer who cares? The idea of making the queerbait prove himself before intervention or recognition is another way of violating our rights in a sinister and evil pre-planned war games.  The British don’t have the right to issue deadly ultimatums to our nation’s schoolchildren.

     The items of anthropology were fixed by the British to identify a superior brain, that of King Edward, behind the Kennedy assassination and RS is the signifier of the warlord’s sword.  It is the language signifier by which a verb becomes a noun and then plural, look, looker, looke/RS. It was used in Ronnie Z-sin-ski, for example, the ringlord of the war crime connection Marital Rites to Martial Law in the AIDS onslaught, a factor still going with the slur of proving yourself worthy to to Mz. “Go/to”.   

     The very reason we have gun laws allowing possession is to protect against involuntary home invasion, and they used home invasion of a very vicious direction promoting the war crime, exploiting my deafness and sneering that any attempt to even protect myself from deadly attack was a threat.   In other words I threatened them for trying to warn Seattle Central that there was a plot to slay and innocent sacrificially, resulting in my being banned for trying to stop what happened to Shannon Harps, a threat to protect an innocent woman from slasher homicide by public warning. Prove myself?  To them???

       This bullshit probably comes from Ferdinand de Saussure and his protege’s from the time of Cecil Rhodes’ plan to recapture the USA for the Crown, a plot the Dulles Brothers’ signed on with like “Why Not?”

       Rejectionism of the peer variety drilled as an excuse not to properly identify the crime is based on a libelous, dishonest “persona’” by their own admission, serving a public desire to look away that is maladaptive to the notion of Honors Society to begin with, a fact the assassins knew so well they have issued the sneer:  Prove yourself by dying then.