The murderers have a list of crimes against the U.S. Constitution they are using a nuclear forcing house to put into permanent charge by their future King: 1. The Assassination of JFK 2. The takeover of media by Plastic Reality specialists at Pentagon Disney 3. Cold-blooded fabrication without trial 4. Vivisection on our nation's schoolchildren. 5. A mockery of informed consent. 6. A mockery of our Right to Know Laws. 7. Assassination of innocent people sacrificially. 8. Impacted brain damage for appearances and mind control. 9. Ultrahigh mind control, all at the whim of a cackling human trafficker who uses drugs for slavery and plants evidence on innocent people to accuse them of a crime, the child raping Yoko Ono.

        The White House is occupied by a pseudo-statesman who is just the greed-addled wish fulfillment of persons who structure their dreams around movie theaters.  Ruling from his Peacock Throne like a syphilitic Caligula, he leans upon Richard Starkey to convince his barbarians that kiddie rape is justice for trying to summon assistance in child mutilation crime.