The NY City children with AIDS in session through Carnegie Mellon University by the powers of Yoko Ono in 2017 base their claim that I owe them on the sly idea that their theft of the letters of Gail Burstyn in the 1980 confers on me blame for their content which they construe as the right to torture me in the names of men killed by the assassins: Clemente and King, to which they add John Lennon. Towards this Execution of Yoko Ono’s war will they claimed to themselves the non-existent right of power to threaten injection with HIV as an act of retribution. There are a number of reasons that I don’t care about the people with AIDS. First, there is no right to inject someone with HIV, neither legal nor moral. It isn’t African Justice, if that is what Ralph Proctor and the Heinz Museum claimed. King Crimson created this council of artists and militarists under very suspicious prior circumstances with Colin Powell, who didn’t even base his claim to cultural legitimacy in working with government extremists on the service to duty in the Civil Rights Movement that James Farmer did when going over to Nixon, instead King Crimson hotwired the excitement and legacy of the dead into the raw power of Hollywood, Reagan, Trump and others lucky enough to get ahead in a world of sexual conquest, usurped Presidency and the power of music, which they took from me as a child as a part of their violence towards the ideals of our liberal society. The NY City children with AIDS who have announced their hostility in the name of Yoko Ono have set up a suspicious war game with no concern for the truth, while yammering that it is all about the truth.


The NY City children with AIDS laugh at the horror they inflicted. The fact that they lied about everything was hotwired up with hatred, new powers of infamy and a rhetorical ploy from Yoko Ono which allowed them to bypass all civil responsibility in a ripper conjob of terror and mayhem, supposedly in the name of a revolution they should be proud of. Murder, of course, is escalation dominance. ISIS was born from the tactical plans of King Crimson who set the example for their behavior to follow. When people will not listen and claim to be reading the hearts of the victims for the Elders of wisdom, the willingness to engage in stolen rights as a legerdemain allowing gang crime as though a branch of law is finalized by the crow of Yoko Ono as a sadist posing as a bereaved celebrity, using petty hirelings capable of any community deceit, cackling of their ability to inflict cruelty over a hostage. Murder, they spit, is too good for me, and this terror has been clemenced by the City Administration, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and school authority, openly and in cold blood.


In turning to the rhetoric ploy they uploaded into the dawn of the Internet Age at Carnegie Mellon, the idea that I am withholding what Yoko Ono, hundreds of miles away, claims is their truth by not confirming their lies, we find endless jeopardy, alliance with the people who started AIDS, and promotion of the values of Mark David Chapman, to say nothing of ISIS. None of the people promoted by the media kangaroo court that Clinton, Obama and Trump created have been subject in their claims to anything remotely resembling the vicious interrogation I have been subject to. Many of them are not only ugly, unscrupulous people, they have been proven liars time and again. Despite this they were given the red carpet by Oliver Stone’s claim that his Hollywood super machine has the right to hard boil and dramatize as the truth any story that gets aired for entertainment purposes.


Peter Sinfield and Mick Jagger do not have the legal right to poison a deaf poet in the name of John Lennon to promote a role that Martin Sheen worked out with WQED (Dubya/Queen Elizabeth/Duquesne). The perpetrator of this strict construction of the script resembles in every capacity his ally and friend of Nancy Reagan George Takei, the suspicious celebrity queer of Star Trek. His name is Melvin Belli. He was the attorney for Jack Ruby and Hermann Goering’s widow. He starred as Gorgon in the episode, “And the Children Shall Lead.” Ringo Starr and Hollywood’s rat packs had in mind all along given little Jimmy over to NY children with AIDS at CMU as a slaughter to WOW the black community by letting them work out all sorts of primitive mayhem in cruelty and dishonor, calling it African Justice in their rampage of sickening rioting, all of which was proven over and over again to be alliance with those who started AIDS. Instead of addressing this fact, they played dumb, ignored it and acted as though it doesn’t matter at all, because to acknowledge it would mean admitting my research, my hard work and defending my inquiry, dignity as a civil reporter and rewarding my hard work.


There is no end to the details that can be summoned and the arguments that can be put into play in the human drama in this world. Panic and terror will always hold the fascination over the deranged public mind that Hollywood planned in this terrible, terrible crime. There is however a limit to the complexity that should be allowed against the simple truth that there was only one opportunity to warn and the British hotwired around it with the admission that they were unconcerned and unaffected by AIDS, with t he admission they were using a mirror of blame to deflect against inquiry into their hand in this planned terror campaign by Yoko Ono in Pittsburgh. Although the confusion that neuro-coma left me in, at the mercy of rejection, poverty, a tool of one night stands was a difficult atmosphere in which the dare and ultimatum to bond with the spiritual intensity of the uploaded moral jeopardy that came with the observation island war game that proved AIDS an attack, about which Peter Gabriel lied through the teeth, a role demanding allegiance to the afflicted as blood oath of protective instinct that was planned as a surrogate role for the dummy they assigned to be persecuted as the walrus, the assassins failed to destroy all the evidence that this condition gathered.


The Black Community set up a divisive environment where moral behavior was depicted as non-violent acceptance of women cheating on and rejecting a deaf man they knew had been tortured, in a peer circuit led by Matt Marcus and WQED hellbent on justifying crippling me and then jeering me as an unwanted individual who did not even deserve my rights, much less support for my right to an attorney, job safety or dignity. These are women who sexually molested me and cheered when they got me chemically castrated by Yoko Ono’s hospital violence, conducted by a staff she lobbied with her war game. The queers in Seattle were shockingly vicious, slashering a woman to death, poisoning me in the heart and claiming that Aaron Dixon’s whose very name is encrypted with the symbols of the Pussyball sleight of hand that was disclosed by Black Pittsburgh slave unionism, has right of copy to tell any lie with Yoko Ono and Matt Marcus, all while being allied to Miles Kirshner, an attorney of one of the most awful white legal machines in Pennsylvania.


I have also had experience of Michael Tive at SONY whose father was suspiciously at my own father’s death bed so to speak, when my father was evidently killed by members of their gang that staked him out in advance. Tive summoned me to Harrisburg when I was ten years old to introduce me to Gov. Milton Shapp. At home I stayed in his guest bed and in the morning he threw a fit, calling everybody into his room’s bathroom to announce that someone had put semen in his toilet in the night. It looked like ajax to me. His mother said, “Oh Michael nobody put semen in your toilet.” I was so confused I didn’t even know he was trying to suggest I had, if that was even what he was doing. It is interesting however how brazen the lies created by the FBI and Carnegie Mellon have been, accusing me of armed robbery when I got home from the Governors School, wreckless driving at Kelly School when I was a passenger, ignoring a near fatal injury the existence of which proves they are lying about how I was tortured. It’s heavy, dishonorable stuff, and they used it for torture, rape and murder, to promote the plans of those who attacked us by the AIDS plan. What’s with expecting me to care? They drove me into seizures, poisoned me, castrating me and now have given me the misery of hard acid reflux and diabetes. I never did anything to them. That our society doesn’t see the danger of letting Sean Lennon have his way as a partner of Michael Tive is extremely disturbing, but care about them? It’s dishonest. They wanted to earn their cruel affliction in the manner of the Jews earning their ancient blood libel.

Ultimately the NY Children with AIDS boxed themselves in to the thinking processes of Adolf Hitler. Hitler saw mankind, including children, one of two ways: either with the gleam of the beast of prey, and what could be better for his purposes than the beast of prey in the eyes of AIDS victims haunted by lives taken from them being promised satisfaction by Yoko Ono? Or pawns of death to be laughed at maniacally. Hitler also had a buddy program. They were Jews who insisted that other Jews were being paranoid about his intentions. They were a buddy program that refused to help the at risk, who were pithy with language, entertained the panic-stricken, made them laugh with gallows humor, dug their own graves when told to, and stood close when they and their buddies were shot by detectives of the soul who snickered, “It’s a hard world.” The doors of escape were locked from the inside by those who jeered that their solution, a mentality thing, was created one size fits all. It was a German hardware storekeeper’s mentality: You need a walrus? One walrus, coming right up! Nietzsche said that the German spirit needed a war to perfect itself but would be destroyed by victory. Yoko Ono realized Nietzsche’s vision through an endless crime of narrative as battlefield for recognition by black out media. They stuck themselves with Krishnamurti’s cold view: That’s just how it is. They never cared about anybody.


Youssou N’dour had a chance to directly stop the AIDS attackers in 1984 from framing innocent people, black and white liberal, in Allegheny County and refused in order to promote the assassins. He used the name of Roberto Clemente to brutally rape a deaf girl with epilepsy and castrate a deaf poet. These aren’t people to care about. Yoko Ono’s royalist dacoit Peter Gabriel is a ripper hatter. I have to say concerning their bandage removal friction concept of defiant trespass what Jeannie said when defending me from their psychiatric ticket to do as they pleased: Lie, lie, lie, lie, lie. It got her avenging angeled.