Hollywood’s power to recreate so-called reality, slander, generate historical fiction that is accepted for representation of reality is the University of Pittsburgh Law School’s philosophy of education.  Miseducation, I think would be a better word. You are wrong if you think being a child will protect you from their murderers, especially if you are a white liberal child. The rabid is very calculating and tried this evening to subsume all evidence and testimony surviving Penis Gabriel’s attempt to destroy the evidence under a Franco-Russian declaration that Adolf Hitler was proved by science to have been murdered, as though his banner could not have been enough inspiration to those who wrote the Texas Schoolbook.   The murderers laugh themselves back into victory as they deign to allow testimony about rape, torture, child vivisection, nerve agent and murder on campus.

    Nancy, ants in your pants, Moore used to play the Tarantella for me on the household piano as a child.   This notion of dancing out the poison of a spider bite was the telltale Harcourt of the plotted nature behind Mt. Desert Island, where the virgin spider Leslie Katz, working for the Wattenmakers and NAACP, was cauterized by the pussywhip from the Society of Human Ecology, sporting a Death Tattoo.  Again the premeditative statements of Will Zell match exactly the prior augury of DeNiro, but also the augury, and ornamentation of portents match exactly the production system in the film Network down to the use of Cybill Sheppard for evocation of the sybil in Network, the exact propensity of the sensation media sweat team who blew up 911 for Dia and her cage of theater rendering the victims sensational by occult performance of the military theater they had all planned, claiming as the case grows hotter, Hitler really died.   It is the timing of their claim that makes it more suspicious, not whether he was in Argentina only in name.

     We find arguments of double meaning throughout King Edward’s avengement package.   Greg Karl wrote, “the dialectic is established at the outset” between the forensic argument of paranoia and poison.   This double meaning asks you lean heavily in favor of the doublecross, and see only a Bro-tion in the potion of the lyric:  DEATH SEED. This allows them to claim theater rendering on Mt. Desert Island. Yet no nicely gang wrapped. The lyric: blind man’s greed, poet’s starving children bleed, nothing he has got, he really needs, teaches you the true nature of King Crimson.   They scorn the needy, set up the Green clinics in advance for odiously named North and Dixon, as though the names have no closet meanings. The children bleed as they drag them out of the country, the poet starves under the nature of reality, blind to the nature of reality.

      Lennon was into vice.  He defended the Attica State prison uprising, he pushed drugs on a confused generation, his Spirit Foundation, if that’s all Hitler’s survival really was, spirit, worked with the mice cage assemblers who announced that in overpopulation they turn on one another, and it wouldn’t be Jews this time round, of mice and Caspar, they chuckled, taking up for child sexers.  Despite this, by Hollywood wizardry and closet affinity, they announced in tune as buddy-one to the warmonger President, Reagan and Caspar on Mt. Desert Island, justifying rape in the name of virginity preserved, after all the earmarked lamb was a liberal crybaby, blind with sexual greed who did NOT SEE, whatever that means, the coding that top sacredly was nuh really coding, but hahahaha theory, theory by God, by dint of the AIDS attack it all turned out pure and perfect for Pentagon Disney.

        The British have fisted the United States of America enslaving us to this propaganda from acid rock led by the trashiest women who ever lived looking for a putrid gloat.   The vicious Harcourt demands that the truth be stricken out from the record, the telltale Harcourt, wailing at the truth, announcing a zany prerogative for the acid rock gaslighters alone, to sell their sacred insouciance, admitting all along being concerned only for the money to be had, when the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, whatever that means, snarling at another man's personhood, paying their dacoits to do it, don't get caught, and sue when you are named.