The idea that liberals called Nam veterans babykillers set in motion the playwright aspect of the plan to claim that Liberals were the real babykillers due to abortion, and taking the military honor code into the warp of extremism that would think this through to a pronouncement of the fraternity murder secret type, it led to the decision to execute a child contracted for when  I was in bondage as a child to hardened pedophiles known as Mancine, funded by the United States Government in a landslide victory for the AIDS attack syndicate. They lanced my penis to yield a forked spray, and used the sign language of a fork in the road in Dealey Plaza as well. The U.S. Government mandated a prior agenda of sacrificialism requiring all work to be turned over to their agency under pledge of charity, signing my name whenever I refused.   This sadistic and deranged home invasion was mobilized in large measure by New York powers working in the museum mafia at outposts in Pittsburgh. Seattle was deeply involved, so was University of Washington. Encrypting the symbolism of Hitler’s Ford automobile the Beetle in VW for Vietnam War, they came up, for example, Viet Wah, like waaaaah, and Pho Bac, like get the foe back. These sorts of cargo cult indications are abundant and perfectly valid to note, however the denial-cunning that was studied and implement to work out the abolition of the free press included for one of the processes involvedto mistrain people concerning pattern recognition.   People were taught to see evidence and say, if it can’t be used to convict it is meaningless, in reality such patterns are worth noting, not least because the preponderance adds up, and the method can be used to know whom to distrust. King Crimson, for example, while occult and bizarre, were not yet identified as the perpetrators of the script about killing Martin Luther King, accordingly ignoring their creepy encryption to D.T. is unwise.

       Returning to military honors code.  When you avoid noting Hitlerian tendencies you empower them by offering them cover.   In Seattle and Pittsburgh we have seen Colin Powell’s forces stick obscene matter into the mouths of hostage children.   This oral fixation on poison crime has a mystique in military friendly environments of the USA. In speaking of Nazi Germany it is possible to invert the military Honor code when they spurn Jews by saying a loutish individual picking on the helpless and civilized is the low one without honor.  It is deadly dangerous to pick such a fight with the psychopaths behind AIDS. The victims were abandoned and taught to spread the disease to anyone who stuck up for them through a complex process of deception originating with the African Secret Service and Temple University, it was a Black theological contribution, and West is named repeatedly in the full script.  This was the meaning of the section of their memorial to the atrocity on music called: Sympathetic Vibrations.

       Another point worth clarifying in the study of Jack Ruby’s  role in the murder of JFK is that the burlesque nightclub situation that gave rise to Two Virgins Pussyball war gaming has as it’s methodology the promotion of vicarious pleasure in the recreations of Japanese pornography, central the U.S. Government’s script.  The shooting gallery on the road to Hollowood Music at Kennedy Street in Coraopolis makes perfectly clear, along with semiotic studies of Roman Pink cinema, that Hitler’s forces killed Marilyn Monroe, a backlash against sexual liberation that was the perfect model for how the 60’s were set up by D.T. Sacnusum’s to smash it head first in the AIDS attack in the 80’s.  It was perfectly orchestrated because entirely mapped out in advance. The resistance was organized by the attackers who went to the front by their own admission.

         King Crimson advertised their plan to promote Kasper, the signifier that  proves Weinberger and Hitler were working behind the scene in Ono’s Spirit Foundation for the play.  Kasper is from JK “Insect Man” genre which is why they eulogized their brutal agent on the album “Driver’s Eyes”.   Snowden, rightly understood, was part of the AIDS attack, encrypted for Nuclear Winter if you challenge the lie that the planted script  was top sacredly found by the den of thieves, playing a game of double Yojimbo, uniting and conquering in the name of an Ark of Affluence by  getting the races to engage in victim on victim gladiator sports. The disgusting home invasion involved is totalitarianism from the ripper syphilitic Yoko Ono.

       The Jews wanted a push button goyim and the Federal Government allowed it as part of the AIDS attack with Blacks authoring a distorted war game theory to cover it. The myth that John Lennon was dangerous to the status quo completely ignores the power structure’s role in opium war, human and drug trafficking.  It is a smoke and mirror campaign that King Crimson called, “spinning the mirror,” which I guess takes a little intelligence to see means mounting an offense as a decoy defense, pointing the finger at those you attack unrighteously so they are too scared to say anything in print about the criminally insane.